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86 Tips Teknologi Pemograman Instagram 11 Social Media

Let's Peek, What Programming Technology does Instagram Use?

About Instagram

You know for sure with the Instagram application which is an application in the field of social media where you can share photos, videos, reels, stories which are hits from Instagram, owned by Mark Zuckerberg where he is the founder of Facebook. Instagram has a fantastic company value, which is at $100 BILLION USD, equivalent to 140 trillion in rupiah. Instagram itself has many servers throughout the country and is number 1 in the field of social media, this application can handle billions of uploads of photos, videos per day and accommodates 500 million online users. Of course it has a very sophisticated and complicated IT infrastructure. Let's now discuss some of the programming languages ​​used by Instagram.


Django is a framework written in high-level Python. Here Django is used for the Instagram backend which allows users to upload, login authentication, data traffic or routing, load balancing between servers, and various other managements.

Graph QL

GraphQL is the latest API technology used by Instagram. This API technology manages how your gadget retrieves photos, videos, stories, reels, from databases around the world. Assisted by the backend, it helps upload - download data faster because it can predict the closest server.

Postgre SQL

PostgreSQL and often called Postgres is used to organize data in a database that stores your data from personal data, photos, videos, reels, and others. This language has been around for 30 years so it's very developed up to now.


The following framework library is part of the javascript for website development and design. This language was developed by Facebook which is the parent company of Instagram itself. React used to develop a reactive front-end for the mobile app and the Instagram website itself.

Digicert SSL

Digicert SSL is a data security certificate by data security and technology experts based in the United States. Digicert includes branded certification. So that you want to access Instagram, it must be safe and protected from hackers because all your access is encrypted and nothing can be included from the company itself.

Now, we're discussing that there are 5 kinds of programming languages ​​used by Instagram and actually there are dozens more as you know. As a technology company, Instagram is always growing to remain the top social media app brand. Are there other competitors that can beat Instagram?